Once I was no longer able to access from work, I knew my blog's days were numbered. It was a good run, and great fun while it lasted. All good* things must come to an end. I'm throwing in the towel. Thanks to all my loyal readers for 4 good years.

I'm about to embark on an adventure of sorts; I'll be keeping a travelogue here, should you be interested.

Sayonara, and domo arigato.

* Arguable, admittedly

Knee Deep in the Election Hoopla

While casting your vote for Hopey or Walnuts, don't overlook the assorted local ballot initiatives that you'll get a chance to weigh in on. By exercising your right to vote, you can make a difference!

If freaking California outlaws same-sex marriages, what chance do Duane and Lem have of ever experiencing wedded bliss?

I'll admit it - I'm a Headhead

As many of you know, in 3 weeks I'll be departing for a month-long journey to southeast Asia, with my only fixed itinerary being a round-trip flight to Bangkok. I'm doing all that I can to prepare myself for a trip of this magnitude; ultimately, I find myself returning to this video guidebook for its wealth of information.

Note to self: get any and all kicks ABOVE the waistline, sunshine!

Guest Bloggers

Word to your mother. VA, CK, and SS in the hizzy! Don't hate, appreciate.

There's "so bad it's funny"

and then there's "so bad it overshot funny by a country mile"

I feel a patriotic duty to chortle, yet I find myself unable to do so. Should I turn myself in to the authorities?

Pop Quiz

Match the following numbers to the lettered pictures below:

1) I'd hit it

2) Allergic to beets

3) Fluent in Klingon

4) America's Next Top Haberdasher

5) What's with the hair?






I'm still registered to vote in Virginia

which remains in play. The latest poll I saw had Obama in the lead beyond statistical error, and given the hassle of taking the metro out to Arlington and waiting in line for an hour and whatnot, I'm thinking of blowing off election day...

Sorry, I've had blogger's block lately

Let me make it up to you:

Continuing with the theme theme

Paigniac makes a strong case

And to answer Ubermilf - sure, my mustache enjoys the obvious

But his favorite may surprise you

Tee Vee's Best Theme Songs

I'm not trying to foster a debate on this topic, I just want to throw some quality selections out there for your viewing pleasure. Today - the vehicle that made the lovely Ann Jillian a household name:

Ten Good Minutes

Sorry I haven't been bloggy

I recently took my mustache

to NYC

to visit my friend Melody

and her cat Mr. Piddles

and Jesse Jackson

and some Germans

and to see a concert

I'm nothing if not a slave to fashion

I could hold out on the moustache movement no longer:

Let me be the first

to congratulate Big Z!

Kurrent Events Korner

J-Bide has his finger on the pulse of America:

Big Ups to Me!

Kick Ass Blogger Award

And the thanksiest of thankses to dear (and wickedly funny) friend Ubermilf.

Her point is well taken, however. The lack of access to blogspot at work is killing me. I work for the freaking gubmint, what else am I supposed to do from 9 to 5?

ESPN still has a long way to go to redeem themselves

but the first of these two ads is a wonderful start.

Back in the 202

Hotlanta, aka IRS Summer Camp, was a hoot. I got my Polynesian ON with my first visit in decades to my favorite childhood restaurant, met up with some fellow Illini for tater tot nachos, watched my beloved shut out the racists to sweep a doubleheader, and closed all too many bars with a man called Buster.

The Buster stories are too numerous to mention. I'll simply say he's an enigma, a man worthy of both mockery and reverence. And thereby well worth the time.

Also, just because I feel like it, here's some laffs.

I'm off to HOTlanta for the week

so I now have an excuse for not updating the blog. I'll try to be more update-y upon my return. You kids have fun while I'm away.

Home of the Dirty Bird


Sure, I hope that 'Merica keeps kicking ass and taking names in Beijing. But let's not let all of these feel-good moments steer our attention away from China's human rights record. Don't let those shifty Asians get away with their shenanigans, what with their "no ticky no washy" and whatnot. We're the world's police, and our work is never done.

Thank goodness we don't have to worry about that kind of crap on our shores.

I'll admit it: I like muppets.

No, not in that way.

I had the pleasure of taking in an exhibit on Jim Henson at the Smithsonian today. It's not a terribly big exhibit, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Old muppet show clips always get me - and how did I not notice Connie Stevens back in the day?

If you can't make it to DC, fret not - it may be coming to a town near you.

And now I have a reason to post this:

Straight Outta Tha Cul-De-Sac

After LaVar is done cappin' suckas he's finna head down to The Shoppes at Montclair Lakes and pick up some some accent pillows, maybe an Orange Julius.

Toronto is A-OK with me

Both my checking account and my body are feeling the pain today, however. Snippets of the weekend below.

Don Cherry fashion tip of the day

Match your socks with your pants, not your shoes.

Welcome back

Stank. You've been missed.

I'll be away for a few days

Time for this year's annual baseball outing with Darth. In addition to a ballgame or two we're going to get to the bottom of this developing story. And maybe one of us will try to get a job. No, not that kind of job, this kind of job.

Did I ever tell you about the lovely woman I met in Orlando a couple weeks ago?

click on pic for larger view

Mindy suggested a Burger Time weekend next time I'm in town.

Happy Birthday to Jackie!

Internets friend Jackie is now as old as I am.

Jackie loves monkeys, so in her honor I give all of you a smorgasboard of wholesome monkey** goodness.

** By "monkey", I mean "chimpanzee".

Nike = The Greatest American Company EVER

Sure, we've all heard the sweatshop stories and whatnot, but all of that pales in comparison to this.

It's about time somebody gave this American hero his due.

Wait, what?

R.I.P. 205 E. Armory (1926 - 2008)

The largest fraternity house in the world until 1962 (WOO HOO). Also my residence for all 4 years of undergrad. It certainly had seen better days, but its demolition still makes me a bit sad nonetheless.

There's a replacement structure in the works; while it won't be the same, I hope it provides its members with memories that will rival mine. At least it will smell better.

Everybody's talking Battlestar Galactica

I don't know about you, but these days my inbox is chock full of emails from people wanting to talk BSG. It's all 'pew pew I'm totally a Cylon' this and 'ZOMG Twiki makes me LMFAO" that. But if there's one recurring theme I get, it's 'Dood, how fucking hot is Starbuck?"

Answer: Really fucking hot! It's about time somebody stood up and took notice.

Happy Birfday, 'Merica!

I can't think of a better day to salute the efforts of the men and women who form the backbone of this country.


Apologies for the lack of bloggery

I've been busy.

I'll be back with hackneyed attempts at whimsy ASAP.

It's funny when old white people rap

Sweet Lou - busting rhymes so fresh somebody's finna pop a cap in his ass.

Practice makes perfect

All that time I've spent with my spellbook really paid off today!


Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads who read this blog, to Darth who's working on his second year with this little bundle of awesomeness, and of course to Ed, incorrigible curmudgeon that he is.

Cheers to you all.

As for me, it's a slightly different holiday: