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Word to your mother. VA, CK, and SS in the hizzy! Don't hate, appreciate.

There's "so bad it's funny"

and then there's "so bad it overshot funny by a country mile"

I feel a patriotic duty to chortle, yet I find myself unable to do so. Should I turn myself in to the authorities?

Pop Quiz

Match the following numbers to the lettered pictures below:

1) I'd hit it

2) Allergic to beets

3) Fluent in Klingon

4) America's Next Top Haberdasher

5) What's with the hair?






I'm still registered to vote in Virginia

which remains in play. The latest poll I saw had Obama in the lead beyond statistical error, and given the hassle of taking the metro out to Arlington and waiting in line for an hour and whatnot, I'm thinking of blowing off election day...

Sorry, I've had blogger's block lately

Let me make it up to you:

Continuing with the theme theme

Paigniac makes a strong case

And to answer Ubermilf - sure, my mustache enjoys the obvious

But his favorite may surprise you