Identical Twin Lesbians

sure can make some catchy tunes. This album is crack for my ears. Odd, given my general aversion to girlpop.

They probably look like the Indigo Girls, though...

Or maybe not.

Beard Update:

I actually purchased a beard trimmer - this is getting serious. I don't know if this is the equivalent of saying "I love you" or moving in together, but the relationship definitely has been taken to the next level. As for the look, I feel like Larry Ellison, only several billion dollars poorer.

Limitations of the transitive property

1. Chicks dig fit, muscular guys.

2. Tony Little is a fit, muscular guy.

3. Therefore, chicks should dig Tony Little.

Help me out, ladies - what am I missing? Is it the ponytail?

4 Days, 3 Games, 2 Cities

Last weekend was my annual baseball outing, which typically involves my getting together with Darth Chaucer for a game at a particular ballpark that we've never been to, followed by a bit of painting the town red. This year had the added bonus of (a) more people and (2) more parks.

First, kudos to Cleveland on an absolutely fantastic park - Jacobs Field is excellent.

Shoutout to my man Ned the Usher.

As for our nights out on the town, let's just say I'm willing to bet some people are going to need therapy after being introduced to Miles O'Cock.

Monday saw Darth and me exploring surprisingly scenic Pittsburgh. By "scenic", I'm referring to the shimmering skyline and tree-covered hills rising high above the mighty rivers. I'm not referring to the general populace. Just so we're clear.

Anyhow, PNC Park also is a gem.

I'd probably rate it a hair below Jacobs, but a damn nice park in its own right.

Next year's contestants: Safeco, SBC, Petco, Comerica, Ballpark at Arlington.


No Sticky on the AL All-Star team?

Maybe I'm guilty of ignoring cold, hard, statistical reality. Maybe my impression of the man is clouded by memories of him pinch-hitting for Ricky Gutierrez in the bottom of the 9th and slicing an 0-2 slider down the left field line for the game winner. Or perhaps I'm still tickled - in a totally non-gay way - by stories of him prancing around the locker room wearing nothing but a jockstrap, some Barbasol, and a smile.

Miss me?

Sorry for the lengthy and unexpected absence. I was... how shall I put it... occupado.

It all started innocently enough - one of the gals from my book club was talking about Delta Style, and mentioned that Delta would be signing copies of her book at a local store.

Well, if there's a bigger fan of Designing Women on this planet than me, his name is probably Meshach Taylor. I marched right down to the store, picked up a copy and had it signed. The crowd had begun to clear out, so I was able to make a bit of small talk with her. An innocent question about Annie Potts turned into an invitation for drinks, and before I knew it we're holed up in a Falls Church Ramada. Hey, you only live once! Hours of passion became days of lust, which blurred together into a two and a half week Captain Morgan-fueled hayride. (Shoutout to my peeps at Pazzoni Bros. Pizza & Pasta - thanks for the free delivery!)

I'd probably still be there if Major Dad hadn't shown up.

WHOOPEE - I'm published.

Beard Update:
Over 2 months and still going strong - a bit too strong, perhaps. BTW, are you supposed to shampoo a beard? I've just been sprinkling a little Love My Carpet on before work, it seems to be doing the trick.