Today has not been a productive day at work


Tanc 'n Tonic

The GOP race just got less interesting. RIP, Tom Tancredo's candidacy.


You're welcome, Hollywood

Boy, that writer's strike really has the networks in a bind. Faced with the choice of reruns or reality/game shows, Hollywood is serving up steaming bowls of poop.

TBS seems to have the right idea, with their new Frank Caliendo vehicle, Frank TV. Unfortunately, a decent John Madden impersonation doesn't equate to 30 quality minutes of programming. With a little tinkering, I think they could have something.

Option 1. Frank TV

Same name, different Frank. I'm talking about none other than Republican pollster/sizzling hunk of man-meat Frank Luntz.

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McDreamy? He's McHOTT. 30 minutes of Frankenstud and you'll need a fresh set of undergarments.

Option 2. Fred TV

If you're going to do an impersonation show, why not go with the best? And there's none better than Fred Travalena.

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I'll never forget his Dinah Shore appearance where he did a bit about Dick Nixon going to an Asian massage parlor. I'm pretty sure Bonnie Franklin and Marvin Kalb wet themselves.

Sure, it's not much of a blog post

but it always makes me giggle.

Psst! Act!

Cancel your newspaper, turn off your TV

Jackie Mason has all the 411 you need to stay on top of things.

Don't forget that you can pause & rewind if you're not able to take notes fast enough.

Move Over, Christopher Lowell

Dear Fathead:

Could you please look into licensing the images from some of my favorite 1980s sitcoms? I'm particularly interested in ALF, Too Close for Comfort, Perfect Strangers, One Day at a Time, and Jennifer Slept Here.



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I think Darth is onto something. Everything can be LOLized.

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funny pictures

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