Once I was no longer able to access from work, I knew my blog's days were numbered. It was a good run, and great fun while it lasted. All good* things must come to an end. I'm throwing in the towel. Thanks to all my loyal readers for 4 good years.

I'm about to embark on an adventure of sorts; I'll be keeping a travelogue here, should you be interested.

Sayonara, and domo arigato.

* Arguable, admittedly

Knee Deep in the Election Hoopla

While casting your vote for Hopey or Walnuts, don't overlook the assorted local ballot initiatives that you'll get a chance to weigh in on. By exercising your right to vote, you can make a difference!

If freaking California outlaws same-sex marriages, what chance do Duane and Lem have of ever experiencing wedded bliss?

I'll admit it - I'm a Headhead

As many of you know, in 3 weeks I'll be departing for a month-long journey to southeast Asia, with my only fixed itinerary being a round-trip flight to Bangkok. I'm doing all that I can to prepare myself for a trip of this magnitude; ultimately, I find myself returning to this video guidebook for its wealth of information.

Note to self: get any and all kicks ABOVE the waistline, sunshine!