A walk down memory lane

Watching last night's Illinois/Carolina game, I couldn't help but get a little misty-eyed at the thought of who was missing from UNC's roster. No, I'm not talking about May or McCants - I'm talking about the the Flying Dutchman. Zwikk the Quick.


Okay, so he graduated several years ago. I still miss him - seven feet two inches of awkward, ham-fisted lethargy dressed in Carolina blue. Alan Greenspan could probably take him in a game of 21, but that was part of his appeal. He was the irrefutable argument against the "you can't coach height" approach to assembling a basketball team.

And he has a championship ring and you don't.


Worst. Photoedit. Ever.

New Job Update

How's it hanging? Your dutiful civil servant/blogger has been on the job for almost three full days now, and already the Club Fed lifestyle is fitting me like a glove. Makes me wonder why I ever left…oh yeah, cash. Anyhow, observations to date:

- The gubmint has made a significant technology upgrade since I've been gone. Unfortunately, there has been no corresponding upgrade to furniture or general d├ęcor. For that matter, it also appears that there have been no upgrades to employee wardrobes, hairstyles, or social skills. I challenge any other employer to come up with more creative interpretations of "business casual".

- The bathrooms now have autoflush toilets. I wonder if this was in response to my former coworker who once chased a guy down the hall for not flushing the urinal and nearly came to blows with him.

- Being a 5-minute walk from Chinatown is both good and bad.

- The guy who runs a soda shop out of his office is still in business. Why pay $0.75 for a soda in the machine when you can get one from him for just $0.70? I've been told he's expanded his product line to include certain snack food items.

- Yesterday's "Beignet Sale" to benefit somethingorother appeared to suffer from poor attendance. A "Beignet Giveaway" would have worked much better with the government crowd.

Kurrent Events Korner

It's sad to see that Paris is burning. That said, I'd rather see that than Rome is Burning.