Antonio Fargas vs. Scatman Crothers: Who ya got?

Huggy Bear vs. Hong Kong Phooey - that's a tough call.

I've got nothing but love for the Scatman, but this commersh pushed Huggy over the top:

BTW, I think I'm going to join Antonio's fan club. I can't wait to read the Word on the Street.


BTW, Ernest Borgnine turned 90 in January. How did I miss that?

Just curious:

Would the last post have been funnier with just this picture --

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-- and the caption Mr. Belvedere to be knighted Sir Belvedere after successfully negotiating the release of 15 British sailors?

I dunno. Sometimes less is more.

Cheeseblogger In Paradise

Sorry I haven't been post-y as of late, but I was down in Key West. And now I'm back -- burned, rested and ready.

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