Kurrent Events Korner

J-Bide has his finger on the pulse of America:

Big Ups to Me!

Kick Ass Blogger Award

And the thanksiest of thankses to dear (and wickedly funny) friend Ubermilf.

Her point is well taken, however. The lack of access to blogspot at work is killing me. I work for the freaking gubmint, what else am I supposed to do from 9 to 5?

ESPN still has a long way to go to redeem themselves

but the first of these two ads is a wonderful start.

Back in the 202

Hotlanta, aka IRS Summer Camp, was a hoot. I got my Polynesian ON with my first visit in decades to my favorite childhood restaurant, met up with some fellow Illini for tater tot nachos, watched my beloved shut out the racists to sweep a doubleheader, and closed all too many bars with a man called Buster.

The Buster stories are too numerous to mention. I'll simply say he's an enigma, a man worthy of both mockery and reverence. And thereby well worth the time.

Also, just because I feel like it, here's some laffs.

I'm off to HOTlanta for the week

so I now have an excuse for not updating the blog. I'll try to be more update-y upon my return. You kids have fun while I'm away.

Home of the Dirty Bird


Sure, I hope that 'Merica keeps kicking ass and taking names in Beijing. But let's not let all of these feel-good moments steer our attention away from China's human rights record. Don't let those shifty Asians get away with their shenanigans, what with their "no ticky no washy" and whatnot. We're the world's police, and our work is never done.

Thank goodness we don't have to worry about that kind of crap on our shores.

I'll admit it: I like muppets.

No, not in that way.

I had the pleasure of taking in an exhibit on Jim Henson at the Smithsonian today. It's not a terribly big exhibit, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Old muppet show clips always get me - and how did I not notice Connie Stevens back in the day?

If you can't make it to DC, fret not - it may be coming to a town near you.

And now I have a reason to post this: