Am I the only person in America

still waiting for Kuffs 2?


I may be too late for Easter

but I can still wish all of you a happy Dyngus!

To help you celebrate, here are the undisputed Kings of Polka.

Quadrilateral of the Day


No time for anything more today - too busy walking the dinosaur.

Ray Nagin: Big Fan of



and Vag.

Eh, I'll take a few cracks

This heart represents love. And this is where I'd like you to love me.

It won't hurt that much, I swear. I'll only stick it in this far.

No no Spitzer, you Swallower. See?

In case you missed it, this is the context.

So...about the Gygax news...

I've been too sad to post. I wish I still had my 8th grade yearbook so I could flip to the Dungeons & Dragons Club photo and see my 12-year old mug, featuring a sweet feathered middle part, looking right back at me. I'm not positive, but I think loyal reader Satan may have been in that pic as well.

Anyhoo, I'll leave you with two things. First, because nothing screams Fantasy Nerd to me more than Ronnie James Dio, here's the cover from his first band's eponymous debut album - aptly named, I might add.

Second, because I can't think of a more appropriate time to post it, here's...this.

Something angry, something happy

Eff you, Ben Bernanke.

Think I'm being a cold, heartless bastard? Think again.

On a lighter note, Happy National Frozen Food Month! I hope all of my loyal readers are gearing up for the big day on Thursday!

I was out of town the past few days

and without access to The Internets. Apparently things got a bit stale in my absence.

Here's a picture of how cats should behave while I figure out something to write about.