Rest In Peace

Harvey Korman
1927 - 2008

Suddenly all that Zimbabwe business is starting to make sense

...and then I said 'you mean Mandinka?' HA HA HA HA... whoo-boy, do my balls itch *belch*

Okay, one last post and then I'm going to bed.

While my experience with Canadian sports television has been nothing but positive (big ups to the Brier), I have a special place in my heart for Don Cherry and Hockey Night in Canada. I salute ESPN in bringing the Don into the fold for their otherwise forgettable playoff hockey coverage, but the glory of Don is not to be tamed by any network, regardless of which side of they call home!

The Lads are telling me it's time for bed.

Nite Nite.

My Memorial Day weekend was fantabulous, thank you very much

Apologies for the belated wrapup. Asheville? What a fantastic town. Gorgeous mountain views all around, a great little city with a solid commitment to the arts and a ridiculous bounty of good restaurants (and, more importantly, great breweries). Started the weekend with top-notch BBQ at a local joint I'll recommend to anyone who finds themselves in Western North Carolina. My brew of choice for the weekend was Firewater IPA, I highly recommend it if you're in the area.

Darth's employer is a new sponsor of the local minor league team, and he actually got to throw out the first pitch the night we went to see them play. I can vouch for the fact that it was a strike, however I'm still waiting for a copy of the excellent pic Mrs. Darth took of the moment (radar clocked him at a nice even 50 mph). Good news - the Tourists were victorious over the Catfish.

The best part of the weekend? This little rapscallion right here:

Have I mentioned how much I love Japan?

How was your weekend?

I'm sleepy and going to bed, but I'll give you the full rundown tomorrow. In the meantime, do me a solid and let me know how things went for you.

One more for me

and then I swear I'll get back to my blogduciary duties to you, loyal readers. For now, allow me to continue the theme from my earlier selfish post. I appreciate your understanding.

That said, there's so much to appreciate here. Grant's mulletude! Geraldo on bass! Joan with her original (or at least original replacement) skin! Bob with hair! Snappy fashions all around! A stage set to die for!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

That's right peeps, I'm the proud owner of this week's coveted Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award.

Sometimes dreams really do come true. Thanks to Matt and everyone on the Interwebs who helped inspire this kid from Downers Grove to make something of himself. I love all of you, especially you.

Yes, this blog is for you

but sometimes I post things just for me. If this wasn't the best show I've seen, it's easily in the top 5.

PS. Oh hellz to the yeah, the DVD is worth picking up.




Just a reminder

My posse >>>>>>>>>>> Your posse

That is all.

Apologies for the lack of blogging

The new firewall at work prevents access to all sites, and there's no better place to blog than at work. So there's that. And the "amicable separation" part of my newfound bachelorhood has apparently ceased to be amicable, so I guess I need to start looking into hiring a lawyer at some point. Yuck. I hate lawyers.

Plus, I've had a busy, liver-unfriendly week, featuring a day trip to a ballgame followed by a pubcrawl around my old stomping grounds, and a ridiculously good beer & food festival, among other silly, booze-infused events. Today is Day 3 on the wagon, and Darth has promised a low-key Memorial Day weekend when I stop by.

Enough about me. This blog is for you. And for you, I present the Evolution Revolution:

Wednesday Snipple

Don't tell me Bert doesn't know how to satisfy a woman.

Madison Avenue Mysteries: Budweiser Edition

Why haven't these guys been able to use this ad campaign as a launching pad to lucrative Hollywood careers?

At a minimum, I thought at least one of them would be Messin' with Sasquatch by now.

Lil Pop Quiz

Name that Lil Hip Hop Artist

A. Lil Whats-his-name
B. Lil Awwwwwww
C. Lil Romeo
D. Lil Fella

A. Lil Fizz
B. Lil Haberdasher
C. Lil I Don't Much Like The Looks Of Him
D. Lil Pibb

A. Lil Regard for Proper Attire
B. Lil Buttercup
C. Lil Johnson
D. Lil Zane

A. Lil Carbon Footprint
B. Lil Scrappy
C. Lil Sense of Shame
D. Lil Somethingorother

A. Lil Miss Muffett
B. Lil Reason To Even Pretend To Cover Them Up
C. Lil Kim
D. Lil Chance Those Are Real

A. Lil Lord Faunt-L-Roy
B. Lil Wayne
C. Lil Dab'll Do Ya
D. Lil Nuge

A. Lil Stereotype Enforcer
B. Lil Boosie
C. Lil Lawsuit Waiting To Happen
D. Lil Mock Copulator

A. Lil Nilla
B. Lil You Have To Be Shitting Me
C. Lil Wyte
D. Lil Wigga

You Betta Recognize


It's Public Service Recognition Week! Click here to learn what you can do to honor my service to you, the citizenry of this great nation.

Whoops, gotta run! To celebrate this glorious event we're having an ice cream social downstairs as we speak. Thanks a bunch for picking up the tab, you guys are the bestest.

By the time you read this,


Pray for me. And wash your hands.

Had I seen this as a child

it would have scarred me more than the night I hid under the couch and watched my parents put Christmas presents under the tree and then eat the cookies I left out for Santa.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

Apparently there's a debate as to whether the US economy is currently in a recession.

Debate over, bitches.