I think I've been fairly clear in my hatred for the current version of "conservatism". That said, I consider myself to be in many ways a conservative, using a much different definition - I was weaned at the teat of a very different beast, perhaps best described as classical liberalism - but nonetheless a radically different animal from what we currently hear from Rush, Hannity, etc.

As a teenager and young adult I became a big fan of Bill Buckley. I didn't agree with him on every single policy issue, and the leaning back in the chair thing got to be a bit creepy, but above all I admired the respect he showed for those with whom he debated and disagreed, and it was clear that his positions were borne from thought rather than mere reactionary objection to those positions held by "the enemy", to quote a favorite term of today's "conservatives".

Buckley was a class act, an incredibly bright mind, and a man whose vision of conservatism was based on reason, the rule of law, individual liberty. It has/had nothing in common with what we consider "conservatism" today.

Compare these debates vs what you see on today's cable news programming:

Sheer marketing genius

I can confirm that most civil servants are indeed notorious cheapskates. This sign is in a McDonald's across from the FBI building and a couple blocks away from mine.


Yes, I will soon be asking them about the special. I hope it applies to Filet-O-Fish.

I love this week's theme (per Ubermilf)

What is love if not exciting and new? And served in a frosted glass by a token African American?

Tee hee hee!

Dr. Jerry Robinson's real name is Peter Bonerz?

He also directed 9 episodes of ALF. I loved ALF. And I'm half-German. Those are the dots I'm connecting to give you this:

If I get my postcard in the mail this weekend

do you think I'll be able to get the special surprise on my birthday next month?

While we're on the subject, let me share with you a new cocktail I created last night.

Mr. Belvedere
3 fingers of Belvedere vodka
Frozen Crisco cubes
A pinch of hair

Hey Al


About that whole global warming thing? Yeah, well the thing is...maybe not.

Don't worry, you get to keep the Nobel & the Oscar.

Another one bites the dust

Well, at least he can get back to doing what he enjoys.

I'm just heartbroken over the loss of America's Next Great Boy Band - MORMGASM

Lordy Lordy look who's almost 40


How does one celebrate Darthday? Through dance, of course. This is my go-to move (feel free to choose your own celebratory dance)


Ernie & Bert 'til it hurts

Last one is NSFW.